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DC Shoes Ikka Backstrom

3.5 minutes of some pretty cool riding, loving the back country stuff coming out with all this snow about this season!



GoPro With Travis Rice, John Jackson, Chris Davenport and Lynsey Dyer

Loving all the techy nerdy tools used to make this possible!

Quadcopters, swivel helmet mounts, they’ve got all the new gadgets!

Real SkiFi

I haven’t checked this group out before and I found this video to be a fun watch. It’s only 5 minutes but packs some hilarious crashes and some awesome moves with some really good videography. Creative bunch to say the least!

Real Skifi Episode 7 from Janne Korpela on Vimeo.

This video just Destroyed what I thought the limits were in Snowboarding.

Is that even a snowboard? I clearly need to update my knowledge.

It looks like ski boots with step in bindings on a single pow ski. And he looks like he is deliberately falling over gracefully and surfing in the snow like it was water, holding a bad ass carving edge the whole time.

Crystalised Full HD Snowboard Movie Stream

Again with massive production value, Loving these new breeds and their HD footage just looking so sex. Especially all the post production work.

Also plenty of big air and cool moves, on and off the slopes.


CRYSTALISED – FULL MOVIE 2011 from crystalpearl on Vimeo.


DC Shoes Russia

A Video of random shoots from (I assume) a DC sponsored event in Russia. The speaking is Russian but oddly all the songs are in english. Either way its shredding.

DC.Kirovsk.Lab 2011 Full Movie 2 from DC.SHOES.RUSSIA on Vimeo.

Someone in the Comments listed all the songs being played in case you care about them:

Razorlight – Hey Ya!
Faded Paper Figures – North by North
Johnny Cash – Get Rhythm
Lords of the Underground – Madd Skillz
Moby – Mistake [Yuksek Remix] (2010)
Booba – Salade Tomates Oignons (Yuksek Remix)
The Co-Writes – Crazy Girl

Homies IV Boiling Point Full Movie in HD

This is a good movie and a must watch, love the video production, love the moves. Big air and lots of aggressive moves, even some powder carving 🙂

It’s not snowing in Tahoe so this is all I have to entertain me between visits to the land of no snow.

Homies IV “Boiling Point” from Snowworld on Vimeo.

IBK Dayz Full Snowboard Movie Stream

Sanes 3rd Full Movie (don’t worry I’ll be listing the other two after seeing this).

Super aggressive riders pushing some big air.

Burton It’s Always Snowing Somewhere Free Streaming Movie

Found this old Gem on youtube, the list of snowboard riders on this has some familiar names that you may have seen more recently doing their thing 😉

Cast List:

Shaun White

Jeremy Jones

Terje Haakonsen

Gigi Ruf

JP Solberg

Heikki Sorsa

Nicolas Muller

Tadashi Fuse

Frederik Kalbermatten

Jussi Oksanen


Mads Jonsson

Trevor Andrew

Keegan Valaika

Kevin Pearce

Danny Davis


Full HD Snowboard Movie Streaming – Nitro Movie 2012 -What Goes Up Must Come Down

There is some super hardcore footage in here, also some crazy stuff.

Another one to watch with the group to get psyched up.