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HD Snowboard Movie: This is my winter, Teaser in Vimeo

That is some very serious riding. Starting off a clip with a guy ice axing his way down to board out is pretty serious business.


The Future of Backcountry Avalanche Survival, Airbags

This is a great invention to a big issue for backcountry boarding.

I love the side arms which show that the logic of these bags is to float you over the snow just like on water, the side bags operate just like a full body life preserver does, keeping your face out of the water now keeping you out of the snow.

This seems like a bit of a joke video but this is back country access’ version of an airbag, much simpler design. Logic would say to me this must be cheaper and has obviously less that can go wrong, it also seems to inflate faster. The difference is that this won’t keep your face out of the snow if you were say knocked unconscious in amongst the hectic slide down a mountain.

Picture This Free Snowboard Movie

Who would have thought there was interesting movies on Google Video?
Random intro but all good once it kicks in to the real stuff 🙂


At 6:15 into that movie is some seriously intense footage of someone falling and getting overrun by an avalanche, snowboarding and stacking in an avalanche is never a good thing.

TV Stream Salomon FreeSki Season 5 Episode 1 Is Live to Watch

This is some SERIOUS video footage, there is only one way you are shooting this footage and its with a hexacopter or equivalent.

Hexacopters are just really big quadcopters (with 6 or more rotors usually) that can carry much larger payloads. The specific hexacopter I’ve seen demod can do all sorts of fancy tracking with your DSLR strapped to it, like track and follow the person on the ground.

It’s pretty impressive stuff and this video footage shows just why I think DSLR cameras have so much potential in their new video modes.

Full Snowboard Movie 2 Cool 4 School

There are some seriously skilled youngsters out there, If they charge this hard now.. They will be insane in a couple of years.

First Snow of the Season at Tahoe Already!

It has begun! Snow has fallen and coated all of the mountains in Tahoe!

The weather map last night promised snow

And it did not disappoint! Excuse the crappy webcams with blocked visibility, but that is what happens when they are covered in snow!!

I took some snaps of the webcams for the inevitable melt so everyone can enjoy snow this, so ridiculously early in the season.

I must mention and say a big thank you. For making my screen look like a weather station and having quick links to all the webcams which made my morning. The analysis was spot on, you will be my go to place for all things snow weather in Tahoe this year.

Northstars webcam


Alpine Meadows

Squaws camera won’t even load for me, must be buried under too much snow 😉

Northstar at Tahoe Rolled their site over to the Winter site today

This only helps to feed my desperate need to snowboard. Northstar have put their winter website up to replace the summer one.