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Tahoe Epic Pass Now on Sale Shaun White special edition maybe?

This will be my pass to cover all things Tahoe for me this season. If you are looking at a pass with no blackouts and this covers you for your main snowfields then it’s definitely worth it. The $200 express line is a bit steep (doubling from the price last year) but I guess that is because it was so cheap last year, everyone had it 🙂

You even give part of your pay to Shaun Whites chosen charity, the facebook page hints at getting a “limited edition” Shaun White version.


Snow Service: Piste Of Mind

If you are planning on doing a travel around France and do any ski/snowboarding, these guys fit the bill nicely.

Save yourself the hassle of dealing with excess baggage fees and checked baggage at the airport. Piste of mind will let you pack your board bag full of as much crap as you can and then will transport it without stacking under other peoples gear, by road, to your next snow destination.

Sounds awesome to me, no more checked luggage and no more hassles, they even sms you to tell you that your gear has arrived and is in a storage locker at the snow resort/village locker!

Now if only they had this in america, we might actually have enough room in the overhead bins for peoples carryon.