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Trailer: Jeremy Jones Further

It’s looking like a mid September release for the movie on a dual DVD/Bluray release!

The Video looks epic,these guys show a very different affinity for exploration. Unlike the heliskiing intensity of the Travis Rice brigade, these guys tuff it out and camp out and hike up the mountains they tear down. The danger levels are so much higher for them, every step of the way.
My photographer brain triggered on some of those time lapse videos however. I saw some pretty heavy handed HDR techniques being used.


HD Movie Preview: Vacation Teaser Trailer

This looks downright hilarious, I love how much fun some of these athletes have.

DVD and iTunes Download on October 18th

HD Movie Preview: I’m here out there trailer from 08/09

An old video from the 08/09 season, unfortunately it only went into DVD inserts in magazines so might be a tad hard to find.

Still, anything to get psyched for winter.

HD Movie Preview: Defenders of Awesome (Teaser 10)

The latest trailer is out, this movie is already out there to be bought so this isn’t so much a preview as a teaser.

Movie Preview: Ammo Snowboard by ThirtyTwo

A preview to the Ammo Snowboard video, there are some pimp moves and some seriously cringeworthy falls.

I have a really sadistic side that loves to see the pros falling, it makes me feel like they are more human and that falling is not just for the noobs.

Already out on DVD at stores for $9.99, will be an online download for $2.99 from October 1st 2011.

Movie Preview: Good Look – Eric Jackson snowboarding

It’s always a treat, hitting with a bit of pop and showing how to go big.

HD Movie Preview: Standard Films TB20 Official Trailer

With Snowboard on the rocks happening, a lot of these movies are seeing the light of day. Hopefully on my shelf soon.

HD Movie Preview: All I Can (Preview 2) is out

This movie focuses on the challenges of big mountain skiing but also has a big slant towards global climate change.

The cinematography is absolute perfection in that trailer.

All.I.Can. Teaser 2 from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

The first 6 min teaser is available here: