Fitness: Get in shape and get fit for the snowboard season

I found a great site with some really handy and simple workouts that if done right, can help with your strength, core and cardio for the upcoming season. Make sure you are not breaking form on the exercises, as not holding the form (shape of your body) can do more harm than good through injury.

Pro tip: Not holding form is easily spotted by bending your back and sticking your bum in the air during pushups (you should be able to see the sky, head up). Twisting when using weights(bad), squats should have parallel knees to feet and a straight back.

note: These are just suggestions, if you are really serious about exercising and avoiding injury. You should seek professional advice through a fitness trainer to improve your form. Just like instructors on the mountain do, a trainer can see what you are doing wrong and help you to train yourself to keep form through professional advice and knowledge.


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